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I highly recommend her.

"I've known Lynne for a few years and worked with her on a few real estate transactions and a few legal industry deals in Dallas. I highly recommend her. She's professional, capable, efficient, responsive and enjoyable. Five Stars!

- katejettcassidy (Zillow)

Lynne was a pleasure to work with and I would use her services again

"Lynne help me with the rental listing of my home. She was diligent, responsive and prepared. Lynne was a pleasure to work with and I would use her services again. I recently referred her to a great friend whom she is currently assisting in a relocation."

- Kim Harkin

I never would have dreamed that the experience could be so satisfying

"I bought my first home in Dallas with Lynne Lowder as my agent, and I never would have dreamed that the experience could be so satisfying. She guided me expertly through the entire process with unflagging professionalism and expertise. She made it seem easy, even though I know she was always working hard on my behalf. I cannot recommend her enough!"

- ssibley52 (Zillow)

Excellent realtor

"My realtor for a long time. Excellent work ethic. Excellent realtor. I have worked with her to find a home/a second home/rental properties. Full endorsement and recommendation."

- ymittal (Zillow)

Lynne was one of the best things to happen to us

"Lynne was one of the best things to happen to us. She is so knowledgeable and responsive. She went above and beyond in every way and found us an amazing home. We can’t recommend her enough! If you’re looking for the best realtor who will help and support you in every way, Lynne is your gal! Thank you, Lynne!"

- Zillow User

She is simply the best

"Lynne was incredible throughout the entire home-buying experience. This was my wife and I’s first home and Lynne made the experience a joy. Her knowledge and expertise eased our nerves over and over again. For anyone looking to for a positive home-buying experience with someone you can trust, I would highly recommend Lynne. She is simply the best!"

- NikoR22 (Zillow)

Lynne is an outstanding realtor

"Lynne approached me about selling a property. I was out of state and selling my father's house. I interviewed a few realtors while in Dallas, but Lynne and I had to meet by phone because our schedules didn't align. I liked everyone but chose Lynne because she:

- followed up soon after with research to back up her comments about the market

- offered to help with other needs we had in prepping the house for sale

- continued to bring ideas to the table about selling the property (unsolicited even before we signed a contract)

-was friendly, interested, and a great listener

I know I made the right choice because:

-We sold the house easily despite the increase in interest rates

-Never pressured me nor made me worry about the market

-She never missed a deadline and stayed in touch with me through every step of the process, even when there was no news to deliver she checked in with me.

- She responded to my concerns quickly and honestly.

- I always felt she was in my corner looking out for me and the property.

-She went beyond the scope of what I consider the realtor's work and helped me with other areas of the estate - as my eyes and boots-on-the-ground in Dallas.

-She treated the property as if it were her own.

-She established a relationship with our neighbor and family members, to help sell the property.

-She is extremely knowledgeable about the Dallas real estate market - and not only about buyers but builders and developers.

Lynne is an outstanding realtor and if I had another property I'd hire her in a heartbeat."

- Hoffman

Lynne is absolutely the best choice

"After deciding to sell my home in Dallas I contacted Lynne.

She made her first visit the next day to view the property and discuss my needs and offer solutions to help me meet my goals. One of my requests was I wanted to sell as soon as possible as the housing market was beginning to show signs of slowing and I did not want to have to discount the property over time.

I fully expected it to take up to a couple of weeks or maybe a month or longer to sell. The next day to my shock and pleasant surprise she had an offer which not only met but exceeded my expectations!

I’m extremely grateful to Lynne for her understanding and support in making this transition so timely and it’s due to her incredible level of experience, professionalism and understanding of the Dallas market.

I would without question consider using Lynne for my next real estate purchase!

If you’re looking for a realtor and want a smooth, professional and “pain-free” experience then in my humble opinion Lynne is absolutely the best choice."

- Rickerson

Among the best in Dallas

"Motivated, honest, professional, well-connected, and intelligent. Among the Best in Dallas"

- Kevin